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My name is Kaelyn and I will now be doing a couple of posts on here!!  Well, let’s say around once a month!! I want to thank Ezra’s Ancestors for letting become a part of the author team on here!! Thank you!!

Also, I am the author of a blog called Kaelyn’s Life.  I do once a month posts on Golden Medallion,  Adorable Cats(and other animals),  I do some stuff on Pointe to Christ Prayer, and one guest post on Tween You and Me,  and I will be doing once a month posts on here now!!  Thanks again!!

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Cool News

Guess what I found out you can find out if your friends are related to you. All you have to do is go to and make a free account then start making your family tree, then ask your friends what some of there ancestors names are then search the ancestor’s name on family search then view your relationship to see if you are related to them. I did it and found out I was related to my best friends! And you could to.