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Donate to Help Kids (In Uganda)

This is a reblog from Ariana’s Archives. 😀

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Hallo! 😀 So, I have an amazing friend who’s name is Mercy. She doesn’t have a blog or else I would link it. 👌She asked me if I could spread the GoFundMe for kids in Uganda who need help, I said yes, of course. 💕 Anyway, she made an awesome explanation of what’s it about and everything, so please read it. 😁 This would mean a lot to me, her, and for help with those children. If you can’t give please ask people you know! Thanks!

According to the World Health Organisation, 1.46 million Ugandans had HIV or AIDS as of 2015.  In many countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, children with HIV face stigma and shame from their communities.  HIV is worldwide, but due to recent medications, it’s no longer a death sentence, and people all around the world have found hope and a future in the face of their diagnosis.  But there…

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