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Drawing Still Open for Entering

Hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly say that the drawing is still open for entering. I was going to make just al of yesterday but there were only 2 people to enter so I decided to have it open the whole time I’m at camp (I leave tomorrow). So that way it will give you time to enter and me time after camp to make the winner’s graphics! So yeah here is the post about the drawing if you don’t what I’m even talking about. But yeah I leave tomorrow so you have all week to enter and I will put your names in and draw when I get back! πŸ˜€

Now I’m gonna go pack for camp! Peace out! -Ezra



Thanks so much for stopping by! I am a christian, homeschooler in 8th grade. I'm a public introvert and private extrovert. I love basketball, football, gymnastics, genealogy, coffee, music, writing to you awesome followers, and most of all Jesus! Come join me on this awesome blogging adventure!

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