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Time to talk about church camp! πŸ˜€

I had an amazing time at camp! So first I would like to talk about kinda a testimony that I have from camp of how God worked in my life. πŸ™‚


So God has given me the gift of prophecy. I have not really been using that gift very much recently. And the reason is because I am not very good at praying for other people and sharing prophecies with them. During Camp I kinda learned how to pray better. Like could already pray when it’s just me and God because I just hang out and talk with him like I would my best friend. But when I’m sharing prophecies it’s hard for people to understand me sometimes and I forget what to say and stuff like that. So at Camp we talked about Jonah. You know the story. So once he gets in the tummy of the whale he starts praying. During the sermon the preacher was talking about how Jonah prayed, he called it underwater prayers. Underwater prayers are: Specific, Strong, and Scripture. This was super helpful to me. Underwater prayers are when you are stuck or trapped in your own failure or un-obedience. Jonah was not obedient when God told him to go to Nineveh. Therefore he got trapped in a whale… So I thought that was super cool! Also the next day they were talking about how when we spend time with God we want to know how to talk to him better. So this probably the best thing I got from this week. If you don’t know what to pray, then do something called ACTS:

AdorationSpend some time telling Jesus what you love about Him! Think of a few aspects of His character that you adore.

Confession- Search your heart for any sin and confess it to Jesus. He is faithful to forgive us when we repent.

ThanksgivingThank God for blessings in your life and ways He has encouraged you this week.

SupplicationThis is a word for asking God for things on your heart, for yourself or others. Take time to ask God for breakthrough in areas of need.

That’s pretty much all of my testimony from last week and I hope it encourages you! πŸ˜€


I thought the food there was really pretty good. For some reason most people didn’t like it but my sister and I did. We had cereal every day for breakfast and sometimes sausage or eggs, I don’t really remember what all we had. For lunches we had pizza or burgers or… YeahΒ  I have a bad short-term memory. For suppers we had food probably,Β  XD I don’t know? We ate mashed potatoes and fried chicken and green beans one day. So yeah that’s the food…


So we had a lot of activities to choose from during our free-time. These were all the activities there were:

  • The lake (swimming, the water slide, the water trampoline etc).
  • Boating (kayaks, peddle boats, paddle boards etc).
  • Fishing (I never did this because we only had 2 hours of free time and I’m horrible at fishing).
  • Zip-line (super fun).
  • Giant swing (I didn’t do it this year because the line was so long but I did last year and it was amazing).
  • Paintball (NEVER DO PAINTBALL, it’s a waste of 5 bucks and it hurts so bad and leaves you with big bruises)!
  • Archery-tag (so much fun).
  • Bazukaball (I have no idea what this is I never did it).
  • Basketball (regular basketball… still fun but I didn’t do it much since I do it every day)
  • Field games (frisbee, flag football, etc).
  • Gaga ball (you might have played this before, it’s fun, I actually won playing against like 50 people, yay πŸ˜€ ).

I think that’s basically all the activities there were during free-time.


They had super fun games! This isΒ  most of them (we played a bunch of games):

  • Wells fargo: It was where like there were 4 teams and each team had a base, each base had a bucket, and in the middle of all the bases was another bucket for each team. You had to try and get a coin from your bucket at your base to your bucket in the middle without getting tagged with a pool noodle by a bunch of people with pool noodles. Whoever gets the most points wins. It was really fun!
  • Silly songs with Larry game: This was epic! It was girls vs boys and they had to see who remembered the names of the Silly songs with Larry (from Veggietales) the best.
  • Blind connect 4: You’ve played connect 4 right? It’s connect 4 but with bandanas over your eyes so you can’t see. This was also girls vs boys. I didn’t do it but it looked fun.
  • Human foosball: So the name probably explains itself but it’s basically foosball except with real people instead of little clay people (I think they’re clay). It was really hard to understand but it was super fun once I figured it out. πŸ˜€
  • Shaving-cream war: It is what it sounds like it is. Just a big shaving cream war between 4 teams! Oh there was also a secret agent that each team had to keep from getting shaving-cream on him/her, so we would protect the secret agent and the other teams had to figure out who it was and completely cover him/her in shaving-cream.
  • Can you do this?: A game that requires skill (lots of it). So it was also boys vs girls. Someone from each team had to go up on stage and do something really cool, a flip, the splits chug a water bottle, etc. Once the person from say the boys team did like a flip there would have to be a girl that could match it exactly. If the other team couldn’t do it then your team gets a point but if they could they get a point. So they did lots of really impressive stuff. I didn’t do anything because I’m not that talented. But it was all super fun!

So each during some of the games, Wells fargo, Human foosball, and Shaving-cream war the teams were all split in 4. I was on the Blue team which by the way won the whole thing. Also with the girls vs boys games, the boys won all but one which they tied on; so I was on both the winning teams, yay!

That is pretty much all that I have to share from my amazing experience at Camp! Thanks for reading! I will see you later! -Ezra




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14 thoughts on “CAMP!

  1. WOW!! Thanks for sharing this with us, Ezra!!
    I loved all of the games and the veggie tales game was really fun!

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  2. WOW! Sooooo coool and sounds like a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can agree about camp food… most people don’t like it, but I think it’s the best! Of course it depends what camp they attend but your camp and the camp I went to this year sounded similar to this one!

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  3. WOW sounds like you had SO MUCH FUN AT CAMP!!!! So happy for you, camps are the best!!! And that’s SO cool that God has blessed you with the gift of prophecy!! Let Him continue to work in your life and He’ll do amazing things. WOO CAMP!!!!

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  4. I am so very glad you got to go and were so blessed. The ACTS is such a good way to pray. I always start off by giving God thanks for His wonderful love for me and His glory that He shows us. I am beyond proud of you!! I can’t wait to see where God leads you and see how He uses you on your journey!!

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  5. Sounds like you had an awesome time at Camp! My older sister and I went to camp a few weeks ago……and let’s just say we are NOT going back! We were both on the blue team, and the red team was super violent and caused many bruises and concussions. We also had a really bad counselor who made up ridiculous rules that caused many tears. Anywho I’m so glad to hear about an amazing camp experience for you!

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  6. I did! Wow, that’s sad. Ouch, that doesn’t sound fun at all. I’ve only been to camp this year and last year but both times were awesome!

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