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Today is THE Day!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted much including missing WBV. My friends were over for a couple days and I was super busy yesterday. But anyway I am just stopping by to tell you all that today is today!

So some of you may know that last year Indigo Halo (my band) did a concert at the park. Well the town heard us and invited us to play for the festival this year. By the way this is a small town like it only has one park, the population is like 2.2k, so yeah really small town. Anyway but yeah we got invited to play in this year’s town festival which is today… Also we just learned about 3 weeks ago that we are the main event! We are the only actual band playing (the others are just solos). So we will be the last ones playing and everyone will have high expectations, we will fulfill them! πŸ˜€ I am just going to be playing bass guitar today not electric. In our band my grandpa plays electric guitar amazingly (he’s been playing it for like 45 years). So yeah I just mostly play bass because I’m better at it than I am at electric; oh I also sing. We have 3 of our own songs that we will be playing and I think 5 that are covers, so we have a total of 8 songs to play. What’s that? Am I nervous? Oh yes! But I am also confident! Anyway I will tell you how it goes next week (hopefully…).

Just wanted to give you an update about one of the most thrilling days of my life. Later! -Ezra



Thanks so much for stopping by! I am a christian, homeschooler in 8th grade. I'm a public introvert and private extrovert. I love basketball, football, gymnastics, genealogy, coffee, music, writing to you awesome followers, and most of all Jesus! Come join me on this awesome blogging adventure!

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