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Geniosity of Genealogy: Cool Thing I Learned for Research!

Hey everyone! I learned a huge Geniosity of Genealogy that I want to share. Yeah, I know, really long title. This is just a quick little post of something cool I wanted to share! I actually was originally making this to be a Liebster Award post. I was nominated by Kaelyn for it. But I couldn’t find the questions she had put for her nominees so I just decided to make a post of this. Well then I found the questions… (I should have just read the whole thing) I was kinda in a hurry (not that I needed to be, that was just an excuse). So anyway since I deleted the whole post before finding the questions I just decided to make this post and do that later. I know you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. I understand I’m being kinda confusing. Anyway lets get on with the post and I will do the Liebster Award next week. πŸ˜€

So I had a kinda cool idea. So every time make a post about a cool genealogy tip or something I learned about genealogy and want to share it then I call it a “Geniosity of Genealogy” and I will use that cool graphic below.

Geniosity of Genealogy

So I wanted to know if I was related to any pilgrims. So I figured it out and wanted to show you guys the steps of geniosity I took.

How to learn if you are related to pilrgims:

  1. Look up a famous pilgrim on a search engine (if you don’t know of pilgrims by name look that up too).
  2. Search his/her name on Family Search (if you don’t have a Family Search account go here and it’s free and helps you with the awesome stuff I’m talkin’ bout).
  3. Look at the results that popped up for the pilgrim and make sure the vitals (name, date of birth, etc) are the same as the search engine results.
  4. Once you’re sure it’s the same person click on him/her.
  5. Then once you are viewing the person on Family Search click on “View My Relationship.”
  6. That should show how you are related (if at all) to that pilgrim.
  7. Then if you want to see if you are related to any other people that were aboard the Mayflower click on the word “MAYFLOWER” above the “View My Relationship” button. It will then take you to a list of 162 people of whom were aboard the Mayflower and you click on each person to if you are closely related to any of them.

I know that all may have sounded a bit confusing. I recommend doing each one of these step by step instead of just remembering each step and doing it because you won’t understand of it. But if you do it as I explain it then you will understand (hopefully).

This post is turning out to be a little bit longer than I had anticipated but yeah, that’s fine. Also if you still haven’t started researching genealogy but would like to then talk to me and I can help you get started. Also I have made a bunch of posts that can help you to understand and get started researching genealogy. If you want to these post go to the search thingy on myΒ site and search “genealogy” and that should help. πŸ˜‰

Let me know how you liked this post. If you tried the steps of geniosity tell me what happened! Did you learn anything interesting? Let me know in the comments below. I will see you all later! -Ezra



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