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Geniosity of Genealogy: Reviewing Records

Geniosity of Genealogy(1)

Hello everyone! We’re back today with another Geniosity of Genealogy. We are going to be talking about how to review, attach, and pretty much just know how to use records in genealogy.

So, the many genealogy sites have billions records of different things, birth records, death records, census records, military records, and a few other kinds of records. Genealogy sites like Ancestry and Family Search make it very easy to use records. Today I’m going to be giving you guys descriptions on exactly how to use records on Family Search.

First of all, if you don’t have a Family Search account then go get it! It’s FREE! It’s in my opinion, the best genealogy site, and I’ve tried a lot. I’ve used it for like 3 years, and it’s amazing! So, go get an account here, and come back once you have one!

First of all, you want to know why you want to look for a record. Maybe you want know if your grandpa was in a certain war, or if you great-grandma had any siblings, there’s so many possibilities of why you would want to view a document. Or maybe your just messing around on Family Search and don’t know what to do (I can relate).

If you searched your ancestors name in Family Search and found a record that looks like his/hers then click on it, or if you were just messing with your “Family Tree” and you notice that your ancestor has a hint, then click on it. It should take you to a page where it says details about your ancestor and the record you’re comparing he/she to.

If it matches up then usually is correct. However, after one mistake in Family Search’s indexing of a record then everything could be wrong on your “family tree” that you have made. So, if you think that the record is incorrect, then you should click on the thing that says “view original document”or something like that, then actually view the record, instead of Family Search’s indexing of it. You might find for example, that the name didn’t look the same as the indexing, because the person might who wrote the original document had weird cursive handwriting or something, so Family Search couldn’t exactly tell what the name said when they indexed it.

This happened to me actually. I was attaching a record to my great-grandma when I noticed that her name was “Marine” on the record, but when I viewed the actual record more closely, I realized that it was weird handwriting and the r was really an x. So, her name was “Maxine,” like I had thought.

So, viewing records is a really cool thing if you know how to do it right. I hope these tips help you better understand genealogy records. Try them out! Maybe you can find out new things that you’ve never known about your family.

Also, by the way, there is this really cool thing that I just now saw on Family Search while I was playing around on it. It’s a cousin chart! You know how your always trying to figure out what kind of cousin your cousin is to you? Well if you go to Family Search and click on the big article that says “Cousin Chart” then you can see how your cousin that are more distant are officially related to you. I mean it doesn’t matter that much as long as they’re your cousins, but it’s still cool to see the chart and actually figure it out.

Well, that pretty much wraps us up for today. Be on the lookout for another post that I will do this week, possibly even today, because it will be VERY IMPORTANT. Be sure to smash that follow button, if you haven’t already, so that you don’t miss out on any upcoming posts. As always, thank you so much for reading! I will talk to y’all later! -Ezra

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