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How to Find Your Family History( Payable Resources) Part 2 of 3

Hey Everyone!  It is Kaelyn here with my once a month post here on Ezra’s Ancestors.    I am the author of the blog, Kaelyn’s Life ( )and you may or may not know that we have been doing a series.  It is called 


So, last month, November,  I talked about the website, Ancestry.  I know it costs money but, they are reliable and efficient. 🙂   In this series, we are focusing on different resources that you need to pay for.  In another series, either by me or ezra’sancestors,  I was thinking we could do another series about FREE resources to finding your genealogy.   So, I have renamed this series. It is actually kind of a long name so, forgive me please. 🙂 


So, yeah onto the post!! 

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We are going to the website 23andMe.    They are designed to help you find about your genealogy and even your health. 

Their genealogy kits for ancestry used to be $99 but, now that price has decreased to $69.   

They also have ancestry and health kits.  That kit used to be $199 but, now the price has decreased to $139.   These tests do not require blood or anything, you just spit into a little cup, send it in and they send you back the results.  You can find out so many different things! 


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 If you are looking to see what these tests can really show, I would encourage you to check out their website.   I will see you all in JANUARY 2019!!!  I just want to say thank you to ezra’sancestors for letting me do once-a-month posts on here.  Thank you all!!