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What I’m Listening to

Wassup!? Good morning/evening/afternoon/night!!! Thanks for stopping by! I just kind of wanna share about what I’m listening to right now.

Every year, usually after Thanksgiving, I listen to loads of Christmas music. A lot of people are like “YOU CANNOT LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEFORE THANKSGIVING.” I’m not like that, I mean I’ll listen to a little Christmas in early November but I typically like to listen to it mostly just in December, like I won’t listen to it in July like some of my friends do.

But anyways, the meaning of this post is not when I listen to music but rather what kind of music I listen to. So let’s get started on what I like to listen to at this time of year.

I don’t really like to listen to Classic Christmas, I’m more of a christian Christmas rock/pop. So what I’m going to do is make a list in order of what is on my playlist. Then I will give you a link to my Spotify playlist.

The Music:

12 Days of Christmas      by Relient K

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas          by Relient K

Deck the Halls     by Relient K

We Wish You a Merry Christmas      by Relient K     (I’m learning this song)

Christmas This Year      TobyMac, Leigh Nash

Light of Christmas      TobyMac, Owl City       (yes, this song is in Veggie Tales)

Silver Bells     by Relient K

O Holy Night      by Relient K

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen     by Relient K

Angels We Have Heard on High     by Relient K

O Come All Ye Faithful      by Beckah Shae

Christmas Love      by Beckah Shae

Sleigh Ride      by Relient K

Hark the Herald Angels Sing        by Hawk Nelson

Little Drummer Boy       by TobyMac

Jingle Bell Rock          by Thousand Foot Krutch

No Christmas (Without You)        by Group 1 Crew

O Holy Night         by Group 1 Crew

Holly Jolly Christmas       by Group 1 Crew

Because It’s Christmas       by Sidewalk Prophets

This Christmas (Father of the Fatherless)           by TobyMac, Nirva Ready

O Come, O Come Emmanual       by Jamie Grace

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas        by Capital Kings


Okay, that is all of the songs on my Spotify playlist, which you can check out here!

Please check that out and listen to it all you want!!!

And yes! I am learning We Wish You a Merry Christmas rock version. I’m kind of recreating it, so it’s quite a bit different but sounds awesome. I would share it with you guys but I can’t find anything that actually is a good recorder. Last time I showed you guys a song I did it on Anchor but it was a really bad recording because Anchor is actually made for Podcasts not music. You can actually listen to that here. I’m sure it sounded horrible, huh? Well, you can look at the full lyrics if you want to here. But anyway, I tried recording it on a voice recorder, a sound recorder, and a audio studio. None of those worked, they all sounded really bad and cut out some of the song. So if any of you have any suggestions of how I should record my song then please say so! Like if there are any apps you download on a laptop that can record music.


Well, that’s all for today! Thanks so much for coming by! Oh actually real quick please go check out The Bloggers Project! I am writing on there and it could use some extra views and I think you guys will love it! I made a post on there yesterday and it would be cool if you could check it out! Also if you are interested in joining The Bloggers Project team, then please say so on the ‘Join Us’ page here.

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How To Dust off Your Blog. The List Of Cleaning Tools

Hey everyone! This is an awesome post that Mary Elizabeth made on The Blogger’s Project (I also write on there), so here it is!!

The Bloggers Project

Hey Everyone! It’s Mary Elizabeth, your least favorite blogger! XD Just kidding! Sorry about not being active on here! It’s a little crazy juggling *counts on fingers* 5 (!!!) blogs. I’m crazy about blogging, but sometimes it can drive me crazy! (Quote me XD) Sorry, I’m a little punny today, so please excuse the lame jokes. Anyway, back to the post.

I love blogging, but sometimes I take really long breaks. And sometimes I feel weird about bursting back in and expecting everyone to welcome me back with open arms. What should I do to get a better blogging scedule, and also when I do take an unexpected break, dust off my blog?


Good question A! Well first off, let’s check what bloggers call a break.

noun: hiatus; plural noun: hiatuses
a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

So, honestly, I don’t know…

View original post 247 more words

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WSC #19

Hi everyone!! You don’t know what WSC is, do you? Well I changed it from “Weekly Bible Verse” to “Whenever Scripture Comes.” Yeah, that’s kind of a funny name but it fits because I’m not actually doing it every week, like I might start doing it every week but I’m not going to make any promises; I’m just gonna go with the flow. But anyway that’s what we are doing today so just sit tight and get ready for a WSC!

Whenever Scripture Comes

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

Sweet!! So seeking God with all you means you want to find God. Did you here that? WANT. You have a desire in your heart to find God. Seeking him with your whole heart means that you whole-heartedly want him. If you didn’t really care then you wouldn’t seek him with your whole heart because you couldn’t. And yeah, you will find God. Finding God means YOU find him, he has already found you. So what I mean is this: finding God is giving your life to him. You seek him with your whole heart and find him and then you can never lose him because he is in your heart. He is as close to you as he can get. There’s something that my youth pastor always talks about. You know how when people are praying and they pray that we can get closer to God? Well I think that’s kind of controversial to what the Bible says. If God is in your heart you can’t get any closer to him, he’s you father, your savior, and your best friend. However, in a sense you can grow closer to God, you can grow closer in relationship. You know what I think is awesome about this verse? I like that it says “WHEN,” because “when” means that it will happen, ya know? Your heavenly father has hope for you. If God didn’t have hope for you to be saved it would have just said IF instead of WHEN.

So that’s pretty much my take on that verse. If you have anything that you would like to say about it please do in the comments below. I’d like to see what this verse means to YOU.

I have something to say now. Remember a few weeks ago when there was that verse that I said I didn’t know how to explain? Well the awesome Ariana from her blog Ariana’s Archives kind of gave me an answer, she pretty much explained what she thought the verse meant. And she was generous enough to let me share that with you guys! 😀 Thank you so much Ariana!! You are such an awesome fellow blogger/follower! So with out further ado, I’m literally going to copy and paste the comment that she had on that post into here. 🙂

The verse:

The secret things belong to the Lord our God but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law. Deuteronomy 29:29

It’s saying that God knows His own things, things He May or may not reveal to us in time. There are also hidden things in the Bible we have yet to understand, and it is our ‘job’ to find them if it be His will.
And the second part—we know things, things that we found or were passed down to us from our mentors or family. Maybe even friends. It is our job to pass knowledge, faith, and doctrine to others, especially children if we become parents. You know the verse in Matthew about it’s better to have a stone toed around your neck and thrown into the ocean than lead a little one astray? I believe that not telling them the truth we know, is kind of leading them astray.

Wow! That’s so awesome! You did an awesome job of explaining that Ari! Thanks! Yep, I can agree with that.

Well I guess that’s it for now so……………. Love ya!

I’m going to start doing more GIFs

Bye! Smash that follow button so you don’t miss out on any new posts!! -Ezra


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Genealogy Gardener in the HOUSE!!!

peacefully reading

Welcome to December everyone on Ezra’s Everything Spot!!

It is the hype for Christmas, Christmas parties, and let’s never forget the real reason of Christmas, of Jesus coming to down to earth as a baby born in a manger.

I hope you all are doing well!! It is Kaelyn here from Kaelyn’s Life to talk to you all about Tracking Your Correspondence when you are studying genealogy!! It has been a while since I have done a genealogy post so, it was about time I came back as the GENEALOGY GARDENER!!

Bitmoji Image

First, before we start off!! Let’s check out my amazing sources for this post!!



So, everything in the bold below is a paraphrase!! Enjoy fellow Genealogy Gardeners!!

  1. The first tip they had was to set up a correspondence table. A correspondence table helps you to keep track of dates, information, names, letters, money, and etc.
  2. The second tip was to keep a copy of all letters or mail that you find. Anything with important dates, money, times, people, birthdays, and etc.


Check out the table example here!!

To help you with your correspondence tables, here are some recommended articles! 😀

That is all I have for you today fellow gardeners!! I hope this helps you as you look at your family tree, and to help pluck out the weeds around it, and to make your trees nice and strong!!

Also, last night my grandmother( on my mom’s side) was over last night and she brought a ton of old photos!! It was really cool, there were photos of my grandparents, and great-grandparents, plus their families and it was really cool to see!! I have never seen some of the photos before and it was cool to see photos of my family members and yeah, it was awesome!

So, I encourage you all to talk to your grandparents and see if they have any old photos of their parents, or their parents parents. It is super cool to look back and see who is related to you!!

I hope this post helped to inspire you to take a deeper look at your family heritage!! That is all for this month!!

I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS @ EZRA’S EVERYTHING SPOT!!

See the source image
image found on Bing

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I’m Still Here / More Updates

Well hey again!! It’s me again, Ezra. I kinda just want to say how is it going? Also I have some extra news sorta…

Anyway for those of you who knows what is going on with my family then you probably know why you haven’t been hearing as much from me lately. Well for some reason everyone in my family (besides me and my brother and dad) have been throwing up in the past couple weeks. I think everyone is better now but time will tell. Please pray for us! Also my baby brother had as surgery done on his kidneys a few days ago. The surgery was a huge success and he is mostly recovered but he’s kinda mad a lot because he hates having to take medicine.

As far as me, well… I dislocated my pinky, also I jammed a dry noodle up my index finger-nail while trying to wash dishes (hurt worse than anything). Lately it has been hard to type and write so school and blogging has been difficult with my right hand having only 2 capable fingers (not counting the thumb). Yeah, it has been interesting being left-handed for a couple weeks, but I am mostly recovered from that. I can kinda move my pinky up and down and index finger is mostly recovered but if you press on it then it hurts. Also I have been very sore recently especially around my knees and heels.

Also I just want to say I love you guys and I love reading your blogs but I just don’t have much time for it because I have to take care of my family (I have 4 little siblings). So yeah, you guys are so awesome! And I really love reading all of your blogs and I want to be more committed to all of your blogs its just that I don’t really have the time. Every time I look at y’all’s blogs it just brings a smile to my face. You are all amazing!!! 😀

If I were you guys then I wouldn’t expect anything big but I am never giving up on you. You guys probably feel like this blog just goes up and down, cause like first I’m really busy, then I say “this is going to be the best blogging period ever” or something like that and then a month later I’m really busy. I know that’s super ironic and I’m not trying to do that to you guys but that’s just how it’s been going XD… My life is just super up and down and I never have any idea whats going to happen next. So basically if I say something is going to happen for this blog (or just in general) then it might not happen, because God knows what is really going to happen, not me. I’m just going on a rabbit trail, oh well there’s not really a point to this post I’m just talking)… You know when I make these kind of posts I have no idea what I’m going to say, I just wing it. It’s hilarious, like I just start typing and see where it leads. I’m just saying whatever comes to mind.

What else should I say? Hmmm… I feel like there was something else I wanted to say I just can’t remember.

I’m just wandering, are you guys getting bored of just hearing about whats going on in my life? Would you guys rather just get posts about what is going on with me more or posts about like other things besides myself? Just something I thought of, because I thought you might be getting bored of me just giving you updates on my life instead of just giving lifestyle posts and that it helps you. Because literally right now you are just hearing about me a bunch and I mean I am the writer but still I feel like I’m not being very interactive, let me know if it feels that way to you guys.

You guys would probably be surprised to know that I actually don’t talk very much. I am usually the quiet one. I am actually surprising myself about how I can just go on and on talking to you guys about whatever is on my mind. Thank you guys for listening to me. It feels nice to have a bunch of people who are actually willing to listen to me ramble on about random things XD. If you ever hear anything that I say that sounds really dumb, then it is probably because it was straight out of my head, I don’t even really think before I say something to you guys and you should feel honored because that means that I don’t care what you think of me (I tend to be a people pleaser), which means I feel close to you.

Well I think that’s enough for now… God bless you!!!!

Smash buttons (it’s an inside joke… sorta)!!!! Love ya! I will see you later! -Ezra