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A Call to Action!

I know a lot of you have thought, hmm genealogy is pretty cool I might want to get into that sometime… I want you guys to actually do this! I dare you all to go to and get an account, and start building your free family tree聽this week.聽It is actually super fun to build a family tree because you might get to this spot that you don’t know what to put in because you don’t know the name of your great-great-great grandpa and that’s understandable. But the fun thing is to do some research and find who your great-great-great grandpa is. Plus a distant relative of yours might have already filled great-great-great grandpa in. But do you know what one of the best research tools are… Your grandparents, talk to your grandparents, ask them if you can interview them. I have gotten a lot of info about my ancestors from grandparents.聽So I really encourage you to make a move and make a tree. Anyway that’s it for the post. Keep researching your ancestors and having fun at it! 馃榾 -Ezra

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Why do I Love Genealogy?

Some people think about genealogy and are like, “Why would I wanna learn about a bunch of dead ancestors I never knew?” But I don’t see it like that, I see genealogy as a mystery. You have so much family that you don’t even know. If you fit together puzzle pieces of info it all makes more sense, that makes it like a mystery and the more people putting together the pieces the faster it gets solved!

You have lots of family that are distant and you don’t even know exist but are still living. I found out that I was related to my best friends by doing a bunch of research! And actually we are all related, we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, they’re children had children who’s children had children on and on until now, so everyone is related at least distantly. So if you are look hard enough you are bound to find living relatives you had no idea existed!! 馃榾

Anyway that’s it for the post. Keep having fun researching your family history! Bye for now and have an awesome week. -Ezra

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Adding 2 new pages: Jesus/Prayer Requests and Blog Buttons/Me

I am going to talk about what it means to follow Jesus and maybe put some Bible verses in it too. Also on this page If you have any prayer requests comment and tell us about it. Me and I’m sure lots of other people would love to pray for YOU. That’s mostly what I’ll cover for the Jesus/Prayer Requests page. 馃榾

Also the Blog Buttons/Me page will give more info about myself. Also there will be a wall of buttons and people can swap if they want. 馃榾 These pages should be ready Tuesday!text placeholder

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Upcoming Post on Tuesday It’ll be Good!

On Tuesday I am going to write a post about why I love genealogy. You might have thought, “Why does a jr. high boy care so much about genealogy?” Well I kinda asked my self that question, and Tuesday’s post will tell you why. Also if you aren’t already as pumped up about this as I am, this post will get you excited. 馃榾 The post will be called, “Why do I Love Genealogy.” By the way if any of you find out some cool stuff with the research you do I wanna hear about it. Bye for now. 馃榾 -Ezra

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What is Genealogy?

Hey everyone! It is Kaelyn here author of the blog,, here for my once a month post here on Ezra’s Ancestors!! Last time, I was posting about payable resources to find your family history. I was actually having a bit of trouble finding some more, reliable, payable sources. So, today I will be posting on the dictionary definition and what it really means.

Hopefully, I should be able to find some reliable free sources so I can start my other series in February. So, I hope you all enjoy! 馃檪

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Here is the dictionary definition I looked up online on Bing. : )

[藢j膿n膿藞盲l蓹j膿, 藢j膿n膿藞al蓹j膿]
a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor.
“combing through the birth records and genealogies”
pedigree 路 ancestry 路 descent 路 lineage 路 line 路 line of descent 路 family tree 路 extraction 路 derivation 路 origin 路 heritage 路 parentage 路 paternity 路 birth 路 family 路 dynasty 路 [more]
the study and tracing of lines of descent or development.
a plant’s or animal’s line of evolutionary development from earlier forms.

Wow, that is a lot of information! The thing is genealogy is amazing and so fascinating. The thing is, in the Bible they have the genealogy of Mary and Joseph, telling us about Jesus’s relatives. God loves genealogy because He loves family. God loves history because the Bible is full of it. God made genealogy and sparked that interest in people.

Also, to find more about the genealogies in the Bible: check out this website!

Another cool link from the Britannica : )

Anyways, there is so much history in genealogy. Genealogy is the history of our families, other people, historical figures, and even Jesus Himself has His family tree in the Bible. There are actually quite a bit of family trees in the Bible including Abraham and Noah.

The thing is genealogy is in the Bible, I mean how cool is that?! Genealogy, our history, people’s history, God history. It is all connected. 馃檪

Well, that is all for this post!! I hope you all enjoyed and I just want to thank Ezra’s Ancestors for letting me write on here and I want to thank all of the readers and followers on here. There are six followers right now but, I know we can bring the numbers up! So, I encourage you to share this blog on your blog if you have one, re-blog this, post a comment, like, follow, and there is so much that we can do to get Ezra’s Ancestors out there. He is doing a good job on it and yeah, that is it from me this month.

I will see you all in February!! 馃檪

P.S. My sister just started her own blog!! On my blog, you can find the link on my Me and Blog Button Page. SEE YOU NEXT MONTH!! 馃檪

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If you kinda feel like you don’t know much about me, I’ll tell you.

I feel like I haven’t had an introduction. So I’m gonna tell you about me. My name is Ezra, I’m a home-schooled christian kid in jr. high. I love basketball, gymnastics, and of course writing about cool genealogy stuff to you awesome followers. I got super interested in genealogy about a year and a half ago when I was studying about it in school, so I decided to start a blog about it. Anyways I hope the few followers I do have are enjoying this blog. And if you have any questions or would like to help this blog grow in any way you can think please post in the comments below; thanks. 馃榾

P.S. I also love music more than anything probably. I am in a band called… Well we don’t really have a name because every name we think of there’s already someone with that name XD, I sing, play electric guitar, bass guitar, and a little bit of drums!text placeholder

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Upcoming Post-Thursday

Hey everyone!! Kaelyn here and I am just here to let you all know that I will be posting this Thursday about What is Genealogy? I know most of you, already know this, and I just wanted to write a post about it, maybe some of its history, or whatever other fun bits I can find! THANKS FOR READING AND I WILL SEE YOU THEN!

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Wanna know about more ways to do research offline? Read this…

When I first started wanting to learn about genealogy I went to the library. You can go to your local library and find cool books about genealogy. You can even learn how to make pedigree charts for a family tree and just write down your names and your family’s names. You can also find books at the library about your ancestors; if great aunt Betty said you were related to John Adams then research him at the library and find information about his family which is your family. There is lots of cool things like that that can help you learn more about your genealogy. Anyway I hope that was helpful.

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