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Martin Luther Article

Hey y’all I have written an article about Martin Luther my ancestor and I have a documentary link in the photo of him below. Hope you like it! 😊

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Photo from google, photo of Martin Luther

Okay here goes!

Martin Luther was born November 10, 1483, in Eisleben, Germany, to Hans and Margarethe Luder. He was the first born of his siblings, Martin had several siblings.  He was baptized the day after his birth. His family had to move quite a bit because his father was a leaseholder of copper mines and smelters; he served as one of the representatives at the local council: and he was later elected as town councilor in 1492.

In 1501 at the age of 17, Martin attended the University of Erfurt. Which he later described as a beerhouse and whorehouse. He had to wake up at 4 every morning for  “a day of rote learning and often wearying spiritual exercises.” He got his masters degree in 1505.

Later Martin tried law but dropped out almost immediately because he had a much greater interest, theology and philosophy. He was highly influenced by 2 tutors,  Bartholomaeus Arnoldi von Usingen and Jodocus Trutfetter, who taught him to be suspicious of even the greatest thinkers ant to test everything himself from experience.

He later found philosophy unsatisfying because he could not tell people about God with it. He then had a high longing to know scripture.

A few months later he had gone through a lot of trial and he had decided to become a monk. It was super tough being a monk because of all the rules. As you may have perceived by now, he went through a lot of academic stuff.

Martin Luther went on to become a very important figure in the Protestant Reformation. He wrote the 95 thesis in 1517 as a protest against the selling of indulgences. Martin Luther was one of the most significant figures in Christian history. His beliefs helped birth the Reformation—which would give rise to Protestantism as the third major force within Christendom, alongside Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

Martin died on February 18 1546 at age 62 (That would have been cool if I wrote this on the 18th, LOL). He had 6 children, Margarete KunheimMagdalena LutherElisabeth LutherPaul LutherHans LutherMartin Luther (I’m related to him through Paul).

Here are some books he wrote:

Ninety‑five Theses
Luther’s Small Catechi
On the Jews and Their Lies
On the Bondage of the Will.

Those are just a few of his books, he wrote a lot. Here are some quotes of his: 1. I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen. 2. Blood alone moves the wheels of history. 3. Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave. 4. Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. 5. Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.  

So that’s just a few of his quotes, he has tons; look it up.
Anyway that’s pretty much what I know about him you can research him more if you think he’s interesting. Sorry if you didn’t really like it, it’s my first article I’ve written (took forever…………) Anyway c-ya next week on Tuesday when I’ll be posting about… Who knows what, and Saturday is my 1st blogiversary/13th birthday so we’ll have party with… I haven’t decided what we’ll do but I’ll get to that later (not this coming Saturday but next week on the 9th). Chow! -Ezra
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Develop Your Own Research

Hey everyone!! It is Kaelyn here from the blog, Kaelyn’s Life.  

I am here for my once-a-month post and me and Ezra have been discussing some ideas and came up with reading an article/book about genealogy and telling everyone about what you learned! 🙂

Here is the article! Titled Taking Notes in Genealogy!

As I was skimming over it, I noticed some really helpful tips. I encourage you to go check out the tips, more in depth, in the link above. I found this information from Genealogy .com

  1. Write EVERYTHING DOWN!! It was very clear about this, every information, is good information.
  2. Don’t use abbreviations! They said it can be confusing when you go back to your notes, and you don’t remember what they mean.
  3. Record your sources! In case you want to look back on where you found it or need to re-copy something.
  4. Record each person’s FULL NAME! You can be a lot more specific when you have that information.
  5. Be careful with dates! DOUBLE CHECK THEM! you do not want to write it down wrong. I encourage you to see what else they had to say on that tip, if you want to look more into that.
  6. Copy information exactly as you find it!! It is important to do this so that you can share your information with points to validate it.
  7. Make sure your notes are understandable to you, and to anyone else who reads it.
  8. WRITE YOUR NOTES CLEARLY!! 🙂 I know I can be guiltily of this when writing because there is so much information and you are just trying to write it down. So, if you are using paper, write neatly. If you are typing, be sure to save your document and a way to remember where you save it. ex. title name, sticky note, bookmarked, pinned, etc.

I hope you all like these tips! They are awesome! Remember, I got this information from Genealogy. com under Developing Your Research Skills: Taking Notes. 🙂

I want to thank Ezra so much for letting me write on here and of course a grand thank you to all the readers and followers on Ezra’s Ancestors.

And here is a bible verse to wrap us up! Genealogy is about family and finding out who we are and where we have come from. So, that is why I chose a verse about family to put at the end of this.

Image result for family bible verses
image from Google

Have you been liking this posts? What would you like me or Ezra to post in the future?

Bitmoji Image
from Bitmoji

I would love to hear how you all are and I will see you all in March!!


signoff by Megan from the blog A Barefoot Gal
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Just Some Great News!

Okay everyone there is something I have been working on for weeks that I want to tell you about! I have started a business called GGG for Genealogy Graphics Guy, and that’s the link to the website. It’s a Graphics/Genealogy Business (obviously). Here’s my logo:Untitled design

Anyway I’m so excited to start it. Also if you have any tips about Graphics, Genealogy, or just starting a business that would be highly appreciated. So everyone please go ahead and check it out! 😀💲😛

That’s all and I hope to see you next week for the article on Martin Luther. Also Kaelyn will probably be posting this weekend or early next week. C-ya! -Ezratext placeholder


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Interesting Research Success

Hi everyone I want to tell you all about a cool genealogy research I did to figure out I was related to someone cool. So I’m going to tell about how I did the research and all that cool stuff today, and I’ll have some more news next week! So here’s the story part about the awesomeness.

My Grammy was kind of sad because her husband and lots of her other family members had really koolio lineage but she didn’t think she really did, well as far as she knew… My mom had always thought we looked German, especially Grammy.

I had kinda gotten my mom convinced that genealogy is awesome. So one night after we had figured out some awesome genealogy stuff on Family Search, and after I gave my mom some cool research tips she started looking around.

Meanwhile I’m asleep in my room because I was so tired from a bunch of school and stuff and so had decided to go to sleep early while listening to some AIO. So my mom barges into my room saying, “We’re related to Martin Luther!” Over and over again which by the way is really abnormal for my mom. I was happy but also slightly tired… Okay I was really tired 😴. But I was still super excited. So I started asking question while snoring XD. I’m like “So how are we related to him? Halng-me-me-me.” My mom told me that we were related through Grammy, and it was a straight line up which means we are directly descended from him!

So this all worked out really cool! (The only problem was my mom was slowly torturing me because I didn’t any sleep that night, because I was so excited to see for myself in the morning😅). Btw I might have slightly exaggerated the part about my sleep because I don’t think I actually snore but it made it more dramatic and funny, plus I just love exaggerating things.

Anyways that’s it for the post. But if you are like “So who’s Martin Luther? Why should you care if you’re related to him?” I can tell you next week, because I’m gonna write an article about him and show a link to documentary about him and that cool stuff! 😉 Okay keep researching your family history and having fun at it! -Ezra

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Awesome Blogger Award

Hi everyone I have been nominated for a bunch of stuff lately. Last week was the 20 Question Book Tag thing. The week before that was the Liebster Awards! So I’ve been busy. But now It’s time for, * does a drum roll*, well I guess the drum roll was irrelevant because you already know the name! AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD! Now to the award.
Graphics created by me. 🙂

I want to thank Kaelyn for nominating me! Thank you so much Kaelyn! Everyone be sure to check out her awesome blog Kaelyn’s Life.

NOW, for the RULES!

Rules: (copied and pasted from Kaelyn’s Life: Awesome Blogger Award post)
Thank the person who nominated you.
Tag your post with #awesomebloggeraward.
Answer the questions you were asked.
Nominate at least 5 bloggers and inform them of their nominations.
Give them 10 new questions to answer.

ONTO TO THE QUESTIONS!! Kaelyn’s questions are in the italics and mine are in the bold. 🙂


  1. How did you come up with your blog?

I was supposed to make a blog for school, and I decided genealogy because I was really interested in it and wanted to share my interest.

2. What is your favorite animal and why?

Tiger, because they are the biggest cat, and I feel bad for them because they are kinda close to extinction. Also because I got to hold a baby white tiger and it was awesome! 

3. What is your favorite song/music genre?

I really can’t decide my favorite song but my favorite artist is probably TobyMac. I love music and I listen to air one on the radio so pretty much everyone on there I like a lot.

4. If you were to have one superpower, what would it be? 

Probably teleportation. 😀

5. Have you ever been out of the country?

Yup! I’ve been to Canada. And I plan to go to lots of other countries in the future.

6. Are you Christian? If so, how did you come to know Jesus?

Yes I am! I came to know Jesus before I can remember. I know that sounds silly but my mom said I was talking to God and waiting at the window every day for Jesus to come back before I was even 2. Which I can’t remember most of that. Oh and yeah I could talk when I was 1. XD

7. Do you have pets?

Yeah, I have a dog and a bunny. Well the bunny named Boo is technically my sister’s. But my dog’s name is Prince. And I don’t breed he is because he’s from a shelter, but I think he’s half lab and half ridgeback.

8. How many siblings do you have? Brother or sister?

4 siblings. I have a younger brother, an older sister, a younger foster sister, and a younger foster brother.

9. What is your favorite candy/sweet treat?


10. Do you like to read? If so, why or why not? 

Yeah totally! I like reading because it is very entertaining and it makes me feel like I’m a character in the book on an awesome adventure or something and it’s so exciting.

  1. Ariana @ Ariana’s Flying Life
  2. Gracie @ Through the Eyes of Gracie
  3. Melody Kate @ A Pure Song
  4. Christina @ Creative Critique
  5. Ani @ Ani’s Books


  1. What’s your favorite color?

2. Why did you decide to start your blog?

3. What’s your favorite thing to do?

4. Are you a night owl or an early bird or both?

5. Do you play an instrument? If so what kind?

6. What’s one thing that everyone else seems to love doing but you think it’s boring?

7. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be, and why?

8. What’s your favorite book?

9. What’s your favorite movie?

10. Did you have a good V<3lentines Day?


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Everybody Chat!!!!!/Thanks So Much for the Support!!

Hey lets chat

Okay I feel like this didn’t go so well 😦 . So I want everyone to go back and check it out because we need collaboration! I want to hear from all of you and I don’t mean liking the post, I mean telling me about your research or asking questions. If you haven’t started research I want to know why. Because if you are following me that is because of 1 or 2 reasons, either you think genealogy is cool or you want to support this very slow growing blog XD. If you are following me because you want to learn about genealogy then now it’s time for YOU to make a move, you don’t need to just keep learning stuff from me YOU actually need to take action! Btw that’s a link to a post I made about calling you guys to action… Okay I feel I’m going down a rabbit trail so back to the point! If you have already started research go here and tell me about it! I really want to hear from you guys! If you are following me because you want to support me and this slow growing blog, then leave… Hahaahaha I am sooo joking thank you sooooo much for supporting me and my blog even if you don’t like genealogy, (plus I can post about other stuff every once in a while) ;D, and I can change your mind about genealogy if that’s true ;P.  By the way that was a link to a post I made about why I love genealogy. But seriously guys thanks soooo much for your support. I’ve been doing this blog for almost a year now and at the end of last year I only had 6 followers; but just since the beginning of this year I’ve gotten 14 new followers! YAY! *Claps loudly* XD!

Anyway the point of this was to get you to go back to the older posts and check them out and tell me about your research. Also I just wanted to thank everyone so much for supporting me and my blog that has grown tremendously this year 2019 just so far!!!!!!!!!!! -Ezra

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The 20 Question Book Tag


First off I want to thank Christina for nominating me for the 20 Question Book Tag! Be sure to check out her totally awesome blog. Now, let’s get to it!

How many books do you think are too many books in a book series?

Hmmm… Maybe like 12. I’ve read some pretty good book series’ with like 10 books. But like The Boxcar Children has hundreds but I don’t know if that counts because you don’t have to read them in order if you don’t want to.

How do you feel about cliffhangers?

They’re awesome! I love cliff hangers if they are good anyway. It makes me so crazy to read the next book or chapter or something right away. Seriously If it’s a good book cliff hangers are the best!

Hardback or paperback?

Paperback because hard is always so big and bulky. But paperback is really thin and bendable. I like to be comfortable if I’m going to be sitting and reading for 24 hours straight LOL. And paperback is easier to hold for a long time without your hand falling off. XD

Favorite book?

Honestly I only have a couple favorite books. It has to be super good for it to be a fovorite. I love the Star Wars: Darth Bane books. I’ve only read the first one twice. Because the rest are never at the library, ugggh 😦 . I also love the Hunger Games books, especially the first one.

Least favorite book?

I don’t know what my least favorite book is, because if it’s not good I don’t finish it. Hahahaha XD. Honestly why finish a book you don’t even like? I determine if it’s good by noiticing if I’m spending most of the day reading it or not. If I get at least 3 chapters in and I’m not absolutely loving it I don’t finish it. So there is a lot of books that I have started and not finished. XD

Love triangles, yes or no?

No I don’t think like boys and girls should start dating and stuff until they get older. But I also don’t like it when there’s someone who’s in love so he or she won’t get to the point about something that is super important at the time. Like they are caring so much about they’re kind of unimportant love life at the time that they don’t deal with really important stuff like someone dying.

The most recent book you just couldn’t finish?

A really old book called Last of the Breed by Luis L’amour. About a guy who was stuck in Russia for some reason it was confusing that’s one reason I didn’t finish it.

A book you’re currently reading?

One book… The bible. I’m probably reading hundreds of books I forgot I was reading because I had lost interest and started reading something else. Oh yeah a really good book series I’ve read 1 and 1/2 time is Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins, the lady who wrote the Hunger Games. I just remembered I was in the middle of reading that LOL.


Last book you recommended to someone?

Uhhhhhhh, I have no idea. It’s probably been a long time.

Oldest book you’ve read?

The Bible.

Newest book you’ve read?

I have no idea, I don’t check when books are made I just read them. XD

Favorite author?

Beverely Cleary, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, and Drew Kaparshynn. Are all some that come right off the top of my head. My favorite is probably Suzanne Collins.

Buying books or borrowing books?

Buying duh :P. At least if I can. But if I can’t buy them because I don’t have the money than borrowing isn’t bad.

A book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?

I didn’t like the Narnia books very well especially the first one. But I did like the movies.

Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Neither; I always remember where I am in a book.

A book you can always re-read?

Star Wars: Darth Bane Path of Destruction.

Can you read while hearing music?

Totally. I’m listening to music right now. There is pretty much no time in my life I’m not listening to music ( being just barely sarcastic); even in my sleep! When I do school I listen to music while reading quite a bit, and I still do well.

One POV or multiple POVs?

I don’t really care, I can go either way. But sometimes I like it when It’s first person for a lot of different people. Like if it’s first person for someone and then it switches to someone else’s point of view in first person.

Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

Both. I sit down on a weekend and read day and night pretty much, until I go to sleep. And I read in my bed so sometimes I read until I go to sleep and then I start reading again in the morning. But like I said I don’t finish a book I don’t like, so I’m super fast with every book I actually finish.

That’s all everyone! Thanks again Christina for nominating me. So I tag:



Melody Kate


If any of you are to busy or have already been nominated, that’s fine you don’t have to do it. 😀 – Ezra

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Liebster Award #1

Liebster Award

Thank you so much munchkin175 for nominating me for the Liebster Awards! Everyone be sure to check out his blog.

So, here are the rules.

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you for this award.

2. Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them.

4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

The questions munchkin175 gave me:

  1. What’s your favorite book?

Probably the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Darth Bane path of destruction is a super close second.

2. Have you ever driven a car?

Kind of, I just backed out of a parking lot. And I’ve driven a ATV if that counts.

3. Do you like hip hop? if so what songs?

Yeah I like pretty much all music and hip hop is one of my favorite genres. I like a lot of Lecrae songs like Background, I also like TobyMac stuff, and Andy Mineo, and Hollyn.

4. What’s your favorite type of candy?

I don’t really like much candy except for chocolate. And I like gum if that counts.

5. What is your favorite thing to do?

Probably play my electric guitar, but I also love to play basketball with my friends.

6. Do you like the winter, or summer better, and why?

Summer. I know winter has Christmas but summer break is way longer and I can swim and do whatever I feel like doing for 3 months straight without any school.

7. Have you ever eaten a Graple?

Yup I have, they’re half apple half grape. They look like an apple and their texture is like an apple but they are grape flavored.

8. What is your favorite memory?

When I went camping with my family in Colorado. Which is also one of my worst memories; it’s a long story.

9. If someone was trying to kill you what would you do?

I would pray a lot, and probably kill them before they could kill me. XD

10. What’s your favorite movie?

Maybe Thor Ragnarok, I love Marvel and that’s probably my favorite.

11. If you could do anything in the entire world, what would it be?

Tell the whole world about Jesus in one day!

11 random facts about me:

  1. My second favorite color is purple.

2. I only cut my toenails about twice a year. LOL

3. I’m a really good bass guitar player.

4. My favorite food is pizza; duh. 😛

5. I never where socks without shoes.

6. I got an awesome trampoline for Christmas last year.

7. I drink a glass of milk before I go to bed every night.

8. I’m 4′ 8″, which is really short for my age.

9. I can play 4 instruments.

10. I can do a front flip (onto a soft surface, but not the hard floor, that creeps me out).

11. My favorite sport is basketball.

I nominate….

Glorify Chist

Pictures on Pointe

Dreaming of Guatemala

Writings From A Farm Girl

When Words Fly

Creative Critique

Sorry I didn’t pick 11 but I don’t know many bloggers let alone blogs that haven’t been nominated yet.

Here are your questions!

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
  2. What’s your favorite color?
  3. Do you play an instrument?
  4. What it is the farthest you have hiked a mountain (like how many miles)?
  5. What is the longest you have gone without sleep?
  6. What’s your favorite TV show?
  7. What’s your favorite book series?
  8. Do you like pens or pencils better?
  9. Would you rather live in an inflatable mansion or a castle?
  10. What’s the most glorious snack you’ve ever eaten?
  11. What’s your favorite quote?

Anyway hope you have some awesome answers. -Ezra

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New Schedule!

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So I have a new schedule now! So I am going to post probably every Tuesday if I don’t do that I’ll post on Monday. Also I might sometimes when awesome idea pops into my head just post whenever I want mostly on the weekend like Saturday. Anyway I just wanted to tell you guys when there will be action. Also go here. I put the link because I want hear what you have found out, that thing is for collaboration we need to chat. Anyhow that’s the schedule. Bye for now. -Ezra

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I Wanna Hear About Your Research

I want to hear

I want to know how your research has gone. If you haven’t started researching, click on the awesome graphics I made above and it will change your mind. But if you have started researching how did you do it? Did you use the websites I showed you? Did you go the library and find cool books about genealogy? Did you interview your grandparents?

Have you found out anything cool about your genealogy? I want to hear about it. So please comment below and tell me how the researching is going. I want to chat with you guys and hear about it. If you haven’t started researching because you don’t want to, talk me and click the cool graphics above. XD If you haven’t started because you don’t understand it or something like that talk to me. I can help YOU. 😀


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