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Indigo Halo Merchandise

What is up?! I know it has been a looooongggggggggggg time, but I have just been super busy with school (freshman!). I have some super exciting news about the band though…. If you don’t know, I am in a rock band called IndigoHalo. We are all Christians but we write mostly secular music. I am the lead guitar player in our band.

Anyways…. So, you probably figured out from the title of the post, that we are selling some merch! Yeah! We just had a gig and it was awesome! We weren’t able to sell all the merch though, so lucky to you guys, I am going to try to sell some of it on here.


So here’s what we got:

IndigoHalo is selling t-shirts for $15 + an extra $3 for shipping and handling a piece + the first person to buy two shirts gets one free special edition shirt for free! Just email me @ if you are interested so that we can discuss pricing and shipping. Also let me know if you would like your t-shirt autographed. I believe we can even include a free signed IndigoHalo poster. We have sizes from YXL(Youth XL)-XL (I’ve heard the sizes run somewhat smaller, so you may want a larger one rather than smaller, but it’s up to you). Please help support our band. Thanks!

Big shout out to those of you who came to the concert! For those of you who weren’t able to make it, we should have a video of it that I can post pretty soon.

Now here’s the part where I say goodbye and might not post for a month or so… I don’t want to have to leave y’all hanging again, but the above statement will probably be somewhat true, because I am super busy, and honestly I don’t even have time for this post, but I just wanted be able to make some money off of the shirts, since they took a lot of time and money, and I also just love you guys and wanted to stop in and say “hi,” and also get the chance for you guys to buy some cool t-shirts. Wow! That was a long sentence; too much run-ons, I know…

Love you guys! Talk to me! -Ezra