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Receive and Release (What I learned at WM)

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This last weekend was extraordinary! My church had an awesome conference called World Mandate! If you guys follow Kaelyn’s blog I believe she made a post about World Mandate here. I was able to go to World Mandate this last weekend. I got to listen to four awesome sermons. We had amazing worship and community!

The first sermon was probably my favorite. I got to listen to Michael Miller from UPPERROOM church in Dallas. You guys might have heard some of their worship music. But yeah, he was awesome! He pretty much just talked about just God alone. About resting in God. You don’t need anything else. Just trust in God. So, for the rest of the weekend I was trying to just listen to God the whole time and not get caught up with the rest of life, but just rest in him. Talk to God, and just listen to him. So, like just basing my every move on faith in him. I really tried to grow my relationship with him.

Saturday night was the last session. At the end of the session we did a fire tunnel. If you don’t know what a fire tunnel is, then let me explain. So, everyone in the church works together to make a tunnel of people. If God is telling you to pray for others, then you are part of the tunnel. If God wants you to receive from him, then you walk through the tunnel of people, laying hands on you and praying for you, words of encouragement just start being spoken into you and your life. People prophesy over you, words from God.

Well, for the past month I have really been trying to receive from God. I have just been trying to hear what he has for me. Well, guess what? When you give then you receive even more, it says it in the bible. So, God was telling me to go and be a part of the tunnel and speak prophesy from God over the people coming through. So, that’s what I did. It was amazing! I just started hearing God clearly and just being able to prophesy words of truth over these people.

God just kept saying, “receive and release.” I would then prophesy that over the people. What God was giving to me I would release it. God was saying that we as Christians are his mirrors. As his children it makes sense that we are like him. We reflect everything he says. We reflect his love, and mercy, and his peace, joy, and every fruit of the spirit. It all just reflects off of us, his children. So, I just kept on praying for the people about how we reflect God and how he shines through us to where we can just spread him to the community all around us. I truly felt on “fire” for God. I could just feel his presence going over me and I was actually receiving more from God by prophesying over others.

Later I ended up going through the tunnel myself and I just felt the joy of the Lord. It was amazing!! I got so many good prophesies. By now, I was so on fire for God, like I could barely walk, because God was just like pouring everything he has on to me. Guy it was soooo good!!!!! Truly one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Next morning (Sunday morning), I was listening to a YT video of Francis Chan (y’all need to listen to him, he’s awesome!), he was talking about walking in love through prayer. I was like bam! That’s really what I was hearing the other night in the fire tunnel, I was hearing his love through my prayer and I was walking in it. So, later that morning I had TORCH Team, isn’t that interesting! I had TORCH Team. More fire for God to spread! Well, I shared this whole thing that I’m sharing with you guys, I shared it at TORCH Team. I was still feeling God so powerfully and immensely. I am still feeling him the same way right now (it’s not the coffee).

By the way guys I am totally just winging this post. I’m not editing it. I’m just speaking out whatever God is telling me. And guys, truly I just encourage y’all to receive and release. It’s so powerful. Always try to reflect God onto people around you. Be God’s mirror!!

I don’t know if you guys believe differently about this kind of stuff than me, but it’s coming straight from God, so it’s gotta be true! Ya know what I’m saying??? This stuff is amazing! Take it in! Receive it! As God’s children we want to be like him, we want to reflect him into our lives and to the people around us. My heart is literally jumping for JOY for what I’m God is talking about!!!! That is why I’m not editing this thing! Whatever God has to say is perfect. What I have to say is never perfect, but what God has to say is perfect, I’m not editing what he says. This is not from me!! This is from my father! He is the one telling me all this. I am opening my heart to what he is telling me. This is what it’s like when I don’t have God telling me what to write, right here (please click on this, it’s so good)!!

Guys please also go check out Keziah’s challenge (the song I’m listening to reminded me)! It’s such an amazing thing she is doing over on her blog and I’m joining in with her.

I will see you guys later!!! -Ezra

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  1. It blesses me and Granddad SO much to see you growing in the Lord like you are. What an amazing young man of God you are becoming and we could not be more proud to call you our grandson. We pray for you ( and all the rest of the kids ) every day. We love you!!

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