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Introducing Eyes Open Prayer

During this time, there is much confusion and speculation about many different things. We can argue about polotics all day, and that’s okay; we don’t have to agree on everything. But what we all DO need to agree on is this: God will work everything out for the good of those who love him, so we just need to trust God and pray.

It is much more important that we stand TOGETHER and pray, than that we are just “right” about our political opinions. Because here’s the hard truth: There is not much we can physically do about the bad things happening in our world today. But here is the good news: We CAN pray. We can stand together and pray. And that is going to make a much bigger impact, than anything we can try to do about what’s going on.

I believe that right now, the spiritual warfare is greater than the physical. The devil is trying to bring God’s people down, but we won’t let him. What happens spiritually impacts us physically and emotionally, and that is why there are things in this world that are going so wrong. The devil is seeing how strong we are, and he hates it. And that is why our world is so corrupt. But guess what? We can fight that! We will not back down during this time. We will stand united together better than ever. We will stand together and pray.

So, because of everything that is going on, we’re not going to sit tight and watch the devil destroy our world, we are going to do something about it. That is why I am honored to announce that my mom, the one and only, is launching a brand new blog called “Eyes Open Prayer.”

Eyes Open Prayer is as simple, yet powerful as it sounds. We are going to recognize the lies in this world, and we are going to remember God’s truth about all of it. We are going to do exactly what I have been talking about. We are going to stand together and pray. And that is what Eyes Open Prayer is for.

If you love the sound of this and would like to get plugged in with Eyes Open Prayer, then please head to our blog (designed by yours truly), and use our resources to help join the fight.

It’s fully up and running, but we’re still working out the kinks, so we haven’t released any posts yet. But, we will do so as soon as we get our Facebook and Twitter started.

Excuses Reasons for my recent absence

As you all probably know, I have been working on a website for my parents business. Well, that kinda fell through. We changed out plans. So, you are not going to see the promised guest post from my dad about our business any time soon. But that is okay. Because, although we have not been able to get that website started, we have just launched Eyes Open Prayer, which I believe is a much more important thing.

I have been working very hard for the past month on Eyes Open Prayer, so that is one of the main reasons that you have not heard from me recently. I also did not want to spend extra time online when I don’t have to, because blogging can take up a lot of my time. However, I am more or less “back.” You should probably be seeing posts from me at least weekly again.

I also just wanted to thank you guys for being so committed. I sort of felt like I was just like “I hit 100 followers so I’m ditching y’all now; I’m retiring.” So, I’m sorry if it felt like that at all, seeing as my last post was “100+ Followers!!.” But, I know most of you guys are bloggers so you probably understand. And thank you for that. I kind of thought I would lose followers from being gone so long, but it was the opposite. I am at 108 followers, and I have a had traffic almost every day since I’ve been gone, which is super surprising. So, thank you guys so much! And welcome, new followers!

Thanks, once again for reading this post! Like I said earlier, please check out my mom’s blog, Eyes Open Prayer @ If you liked this post and would like to see more, then please hit that follow button, or put your email adress in below to recieve posts delivered to your inbox. Thanks again!

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  1. It’s wonderful to have you back again, Ezra!! πŸ˜€ I’m going to go check out Eyes Open Prayer right now!
    Can’t wait to see your future posts!


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